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Please make your check out to « ATD Quart Monde »
at the following address:
ATD Quart Monde
12 rue Pasteur
95480 Pierrelaye

Donate with confidence

ATD Fourth World is certified by the Charte du don en confiance, an organization that monitors charitable organizations. The Comite de la Charte is a nonprofit organization that verifies:

  • the legal status and management,
  • the accountability standards,
  • the quality of fundraising efforts,
  • the financial transparency of nonprofit organizations.

Privacy Information

Information collected via this form is stored by ATD Fourth World in a database. No information will be sold, exchanged or communicated to third parties. All information will be used exclusively for internal purposes, to answer questions asked, or to request donations. You have the right to access your information saved in our database and request its correction or deletion. You can do so by contacting: Secrétariat des Amis (Office of Friends),12 Rue Pasteur, 95480 Pierrelaye, France or, 33 (0)1 34 30 46 23). If you do not ask for your information to be deleted, it will be kept for the time necessary for the fulfillment of all related tasks.

Tax status

The tax code permits any taxpayer to deduct up to 66% of their charitable donations on their annual income, up to 20% of their taxable income (article 200 of the CGI), and a tax deduction equal to 75% of the amount donated for IFI, up to 50,000 euros (article 885-ov bis A of the CGI). For income taxes, if donations in a calendar year surpass 20% of taxable income, it is possible to transfer the excess deductions over the following five years.

Our Financial Ethics

Read the full text of the ATD Fourth World code of financial ethics.

Excerpts of the international financial code of ethics.

Some key points specifically guide our financial ethics:

  • the dignity of every person and the equal dignity of all human beings;
  • the importance of building connections between people, and valuing the participation and contributions of each person;
  • the search for a society not based on the overwhelming power of money.
  • Advertising

    We do not allow calls for funding from the general public whose messages would be inconsistent with our values and our actions, or would risk undermining the dignity of the people who live in poverty and exclusion. We reject any arguments or illustrations that are focused on the misery of poverty.

  • Mailing lists

    We do not exchange, sell, or rent the mailing lists of our members, donors, and friends, nor do we purchase any mailing lists.

  • Remuneration

    The main decision makers within ATD Fourth World are either Volunteer Corps members or unpaid volunteers. Volunteer Corps members, regardless of their tasks and levels of responsibility, choose to live a simple lifestyle and receive modest salaries that take into account the number of family members and local living conditions.

  • Donation allocation

    The allocation of resources is carried out in strict accordance with the will of the donor. The ATD Fourth World Foundation manages and allocates our financial reserves.

  • Financial transparency

    ATD Fourth World works to achieve the greatest financial transparency. In line with this policy, ATD Fourth World national teams participate whenever possible in organizations or groups that certify financial accountability for the general public.